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Hello, welcome to our wheelchair travel blog! My name is Marta, I come from Poland, but since 2017 I have lived in the UK. I am a carer for Shane, who has spinal cord injury C5/C6 incomplete tetraplegia and is a full time wheelchair user. He has limited arms and hands functions and no grip, but it does not stop him from living his life to the fullest. Shane has suprapubic catheter and, after a life changing surgery in 2022, uses a stoma bag, so we do not need to use disabled toilets on days out, but we still try to check them out everywhere we go to tell others that might need them. We love to discover the world together and we would like to take you on that journey with us. You can find a lot of information on smaller and bigger trips we have made in the UK and abroad, ideas of days out without the worry that a place might not be suitable for a wheelchair user. We also run a Facebook group called Wheelchair Accessible Places and Activities. We hope to show everyone that using a wheelchair does not mean being stuck indoors. There is a beautiful world around you to discover 😊



Shane and Jack