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Great UK Beach with Wheelchair access – BREAN, BERROW BEACH.

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It might be very difficult to find a wheelchair accessible beach without having to worry about renting a special equipment. When we visited Berrow Beach in Brean, UK, all we used was a regular power chair and had no problems with rolling on the sand (mobility scooters are also ok, haven’t try a manual chair there yet). We just kept to the part of the beach where the cars are allowed, had a fantastic, long walk with the dog and could get very close to the sea.

Berrow Beach, Brean, UK
Berrow Beach, Brean, UK

There is a car park on the beach open till 6 pm. If you park on the beach, you avoid one small part of very uneven ground which is otherwise at the entrance.

Berrow Beach, Brean, UK
Berrow Beach, Brean, UK

There were also fish & chips and ice cream vans when we went. There are a few accessible restaurants and arcades nearby.

Fish and chips and ice cream vans. Berrow Beach, Brean, UK

Great view (lots of open space). Berrow Beach, UK
Flying a kite. Berrow Beach, Brean, UK

A perfect place to enjoy a family day out, walk the dog (the beach is dog friendly all year round), fly a kite or have a picnic on the beach.

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